Whey Permeate Powder - feed grade

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Whey Permeate Powder – feed grade

Whey Permeate is a product that is generated when producing Whey Protein Concentrate – WPC. It originates after the ultra-filtration of whey.

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Product information

With ultrafiltration of whey, protein and other solids are removed. The rest-product is then concentrated and will be spray dried in the next step. The whey permeate is low in proteins but rich in lactose (milk sugar) and also in minerals. The lactose content is 84% (+/- 3%). This is also the reason for the mild appealing flavor of this product. It’s color is creamy white. The product is a free flowing and crystalline powder with a sweet dairy flavor and good solubility.

Demineralized Whey Permeate Powder is manufactured from sweet whey in the process of ultrafiltration and Nano filtration. The percentage of ash/minerals is smaller than in normal Whey Permeate.


  • As a filler for milk substitutes for calves
  • Pigs feed

Product’s advantages

  • Protein rate standardization
  • Excellent bulking agent
  • Good fluidity and flow
  • Reduced hygroscopicity

Numidia offers you

  • Whey Permeate Powder from whey ultrafiltration
  • Demineralized Whey Permeate Powder from whey ultrafiltration and Nano filtration

Standard Packaging

25 kg multilayer paper bag with PE-lining / big bags of 1000 kg

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