How we help

What can’t go wrong, won’t go wrong.

How we help

Numidia BV excels in four different areas to help our customers.

In-house capabilities

Quality and Efficiency are the main drivers in all our processes, systems and way of working. We prefer to do the things the first time right. Not only do we have a state of the art automation system, we are also always focusing on more efficient ways of working. Our motto: “what can’t go wrong, won’t go wrong”.

Numidia is certified for several food and feed safety quality management systems. For our customers this has the advantage that they don’t have to check all the suppliers themselves. Just by doing business with us they can be sure that quality of processes and food and feed safety is guaranteed. We take care of this.

Market knowledge

Our team of dairy commodity traders only has one focus: following the global dairy market 24/7 and help our customers and suppliers to react properly on the changes they see. We have a lot of experience in our team which helps to take the right decisions in the different market circumstances. The dairy market can be very volatile. Taking the right purchase or sales decision can save a lot of money.

Global presence

The dairy market is a global market. Depending on the market circumstances and to give our customers the best possible offer, the product can be sourced in South America, North America, Europe, Oceania or Asia. We are in contact with the best dairy producers in all those areas.
For our suppliers we arrange worldwide marketing of their products. In that way they can fully focus on the production side.

We have offices in The Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, Uruguay and USA and agents on all continents of the World who support us in finding the right dairy products for our customers.

Broad product portfolio

We deliver a full range of dairy commodities. The different dairy commodities are related to each other. Seeing trends in one of them, might influence others in future. It helps us to find the best solutions for our customers and give them the best possible market view.


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