Milk Powders feed grade

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Milk Powders feed grade

Milk powders are the solid ingredients which are made by evaporating milk to dryness. Powdered milk is usually made by the process of spray drying. In the first production step, pasteurized milk is concentrated in an evaporator to a level of approximately 50 percent milk solids. Then the concentrated milk is spray dried. After this step it contains max. 5% or less moisture.

The advantage of this low moisture content is that milk powder has a far longer shelf life than liquid milk. It even doesn’t have to be refrigerated. Another benefit is that the milk powder gives a more efficient transportation.

Numidia offers a large assortment of milk powders for your animal feed purposes (calves, poultry, piglets, etc. )

Skimmed milk powder
1,25% fat (Low Heat, Medium Heat or High Heat) – SMP – feed grade

  • Regular, regular ADPI standard grade, regular ADPI extra grade, regular Codex standardized.
  • Instant (agglomerated with lecithin) and Instant fortified Vitamins A/D.
  • UHT spray dried

Buttermilk Powder
BMP – feed grade

Buttermilk powder is a by-product of sweet cream butter manufacture. The composition of the buttermilk is close to the composition of skimmed milk powder.

All product corresponds with the standards and regulations for food safety and Codex Alimentarius.

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