Sweet Whey Powder - SWP

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Sweet Whey Powder – SWP

Sweet whey powder is obtained by drying pasteurized sweet whey which is by-product during the manufacturing process of cheeses such as swiss or cheddar.

Product information

Sweet whey powder contains all the constituents of fresh whey, except moisture in the same relative proportion, Protein total 11 – 13 % and lactose 70 – 75%.


It is used in many different food (bakery, snack, confectionery) and dairy products as:

  • An economical way to add dairy solids. It has 8-9% ash and salt content
  • A source of high-heat processed dairy solids which is of importance to get a good loaf volume in breads
  • A support to get a good color development during high-temperature cooking and baking
  • A free-flowing and easy-to-disperse carrier in dry blends. The whey powder should be classified as a non-hygroscopic whey powder in such a case.

Product’s advantages

  • Increase nutritional value
  • Good emulsion capacities
  • It has a milky flavor (slightly sweet)
  • Low hygroscopicity, very good carrier because of its fluidity, good flow
  • Texture (important for bakery and dairy products and confectionery)

Numidia offers you sweet whey powder from cheese manufacturing or casein manufacturing.

    Standard Packaging

    25 kg multilayer paper bag with PE-lining / big bags of 1000 kg / bulk

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