Maasdam 45+

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Maasdam 45+

Maasdam 45+ cheese is a Swiss-style semi hard cheese compliant with the general cheese regulation (Codex Stan 283-1978).

Product information

Maasdam 45+ has internal holes. These are made with special cultures (propionic bacteria) during the process of ripening. The gas that is produced with this, not only gives the Maasdam its special shape (holes) but also its specific taste (sweet, mild and a bit nutty). Maasdam has a smooth, yellow rind.

Compared with for example Emmental it is a softer cheese. This because of a higher moisture content. The fat content in Dry Matter is about 45%. The product ripens faster than Emmental cheese. It is normally aged for at least 4 weeks.

It is consumed when still young.


  • On sandwich or a snack
  • Bakery (in a melted form)
  • Soups
  • Ready-cooked dishes

Product’s advantages

  • Melts well in cooking, soups or fondues
  • Easy to use and to incorporate

Numidia offers you Maasdam 45+:

  • Naturally matured In wheels, 12 kg – cardboard box
  • Foil ripened In euroblock 15kg in cardboard box or without box
  • Foil ripened In loaves, 5 loaves in cardboard box

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