Fat Filled Buttermilk Powder - feed grade

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Fat Filled Buttermilk Powder – feed grade

Fat filled Butter milk powders are enriched with vegetable fat before dehydration.

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Product information

Fat filled buttermilk powder is obtained by blending pasteurized skimmed buttermilk with vegetable fat then concentrated with an evaporator and finally spray dried.
The vegetable oils used are mostly palm oil. The fat content in buttermilk is slightly higher than in skimmed milk powder, 6 – 12%. Protein composition is the same.


  • Used in pet food and pig feed

Product’s advantages

  • Fat filled skimmed milk powder substitute
  • Longer shelf life
  • Good solubility

Numidia offers fat filled buttermilk powders for dairy feed ingredients

    Standard Packaging

    25 kg multilayer paper bag with PE-lining / big bags of 1000 kg

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