Edible Lactose

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Edible Lactose

A free flowing (crystalline) powder manufactured from whey. To be used in different industrial applications. 
The grain size will be different for the specific requirements of the various applications. Most common sizes are:

  • 200 mesh (90% min pass thru 200 mesh screen)
  • 100 mesh (90% min pass thru 100 mesh screen)

Product information

Edible Lactose is manufactured from fresh sweet whey by crystallization, separation, washing, concentration, drying and milling to a crystalline free flowing powder. Edible lactose has a better crystallization than dextrose or sucrose. And when it is mixed with other sugars it also modifies their crystallization properties. Edible Lactose is only slightly soluble in water.
It has a low sweetening power (0.16 compared to 1 for sacharose). Standard Edible Lactose has a purity grade of 99%. The color goes from white to yellowish-white.


  • Bakery: it supports obtaining a nice brown color during the caramelization process
  • Pastry, chocolate and confectionery making, improving dough. It’s also used for easier crystallization (compared with sucrose) and for flavor fixative and as a taste enhancer
  • Cost reduction. For example with milk powder standardization
  • Bulking agent

Product’s advantages

  • It helps with achieving a Maillard reaction (browning process)
  • It’s a Taste enhancer
  • It has a low sweetening power
  • Flavor fixative
  • Dough improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Bulking agent

Numidia offers Lactose edible grade in different mesh sizes for industrial applications.

Standard Packaging

25 kg multilayer paper bag with PE-lining / big bags of 1000 kg

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