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Butter is a dairy product containing up to 82% butter fat.

Product information

The main types of butter (82% fat) are:

  • Lactic butters: after lactic and physical maturation the product is churned, salted – unsalted.
  • Sweet cream butters. They are produced from fresh sweet cream, without lactic ferments. They are churned after maturation, salted – unsalted.

There are also different kinds of textured butters:

  • Textured Butters give the whole year a regular texture, have unique melting characteristics and a similar production performance. They are used as an alternative to so called winter butter. Especially the pastry industry is user of this kind of butter.
  • Recombined butter, which is a textured butter with a modified melting point. Also has a regular performance during the year.


    In Bakery, Biscuits and Pastry, Chocolate and Confectionery, Dairy products, meat, soups and ready-cooked meals.

    Product’s advantages

    • Good mouthfeel, texture and conservation
    • Shelf life
    • Texture: Crumbly texture supply in the shortbread doughs


    25kg block/foil in cardboard box or without box. Fresh or Frozen (-18 degr.)

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