Numidia 1st Global dairy Trader CO2 Neutral

Numidia is the first carbon-neutral global dairy trader.
As part of our Environmental Management System (ISO14011 certified), we measure our total Carbon footprint.

Since the start of 2019, we have offset carbon to achieve a net zero carbon footprint. Not only for the emissions of carbon dioxide which we are directly responsible for (within our offices, travels, electricity, fuel consumption, etc.), but also in relation to the warehousing and the transportation we organise for you, our customer. Furthermore, in our environmental policy we have set goals to reduce the CO2 emissions and we encourage our business partners (transport and warehousing) to do the same.

By doing business with Numidia, you can rest assured that the warehousing and transport of dairy products to your locations is being offset, you are doing your part in achieving your carbon-neutral status.

Another advantage of working with Numidia!