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Mozzarella is an unripened cheese for ready-cooked dishes, pizzas and salads. 
It can be used in industrial food applications.

Product information

Mozzarella is produced from pasteurized milk. It is a fresh cheese and differs from a lot of other cheeses because it can be used without a ripening process.

Mozzarella has a low moisture content and it is a firm homogeneous cheese without holes. It has a mild milky taste and it is suitable for shredding. The fat content is 40%+. The color is white to ivory).

The different steps in the production process of Mozzarella are:

  • Heating of the curd and kneading it
  • Curd stretching
  • Curd cutting and putting it in to molds
  • Cooling down of the product (which leads to a firmer texture)


  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Baking
  • Fresh Salads

Product’s advantages

  • It’s a tasteful ingredient for ready cooked dishes, lasagna, pizza’s and salads
  • Firm texture gives the possibility for easy shredding
  • It has a firm rubbery body with excellent stretching and melting capacities

Numidia offers you mozzarella cheese

  • In euroblock 15 kg – foil packed in cardboard box or without box
  • In loaves – foil packed, 5 loaves in cardboard box
  • Fresh or frozen (-18 degr.)

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