Discover our dairy ingredients for feed

Feed ingredients derived from milk for animal nutrition

Animal nutrition is mainly used to balance animal feeding. The protein is a very important ingredient of animal feeds as it is crucial for animal growth, and body maintenance.

Safety and quality are essential characteristics of this industry. In order to comply with the demand of the animal nutrition market, Numidia obtained the GMP+ B3 certification in February 2016.


Numidia can always guarantee the quality of our products.

Numidia has a wide range of products that can be offered to the specific needs of our customers for the animal feed industry.

Milk powders

  • Skimmed milk powder – feed grade
  • Butter milk powder – feed grade

Whey Derivates

  • Sweet whey powder – feed grade
  • Acid whey powder – feed grade
  • Deproteinized whey powder – feed grade
  • Demineralized whey powder – feed grade
  • Edible lactose – feed grade


  • Milk permeate powder – feed grade
  • Whey permeate powder – feed grade


  • Whey protein concentrate – feed grade


  • Liquid milk – feed grade
  • Concentrated milk – feed grade
  • Whey concentrate – feed grade

Fat Filled Products

  • Fat filled milk powders – feed grade
  • Fat filled butter milk powders – feed grade
  • Fat filled whey powders – feed grade

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