Fat Filled Milk Powder

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Fat Filled Milk Powder

Fat filled milk powders normally substitute (the more expensive) Full Cream milk powders. Fat filled powders are skimmed milk powders that are enriched with vegetable fat. This done before the dehydration process. There are different types of vegetable fats which can be added.

Product information

Fat filled milk powder is produced by blending skimmed milk powder and vegetable fat. The powder is spray dried (by hot air) to easily reconstitute the product. Fat filled powder is a substitute for whole milk powder. It has the similar physical, organoleptic and chemical properties as the dairy product. In fat filled milk powders the proteins are coming from non-fat milk solids. The fat is of vegetable origin.

The vegetable fat is mostly coming from products as palm oil or coconut oil.

Important is to improve the wettability and solubility of the product. Therefor the fat filled milk powders undergo different treatments. This done by using so called stabilizing and emulsifier agents. Mostly lecithin is used as an emulsifier agent.

Low protein fat filled milk powders (protein lower than 20%) are mostly used to reconstitute milk in beverages. 
High protein fat filled milk powders (protein higher than 24%) are being used for yoghurts and curd or whenever a fermentation must occur.

Vegetable fat content is of fat filled product is normally between 26% and 28%, but can vary based on requirements of customers.


    • Dairy Products
    • Bakery and Pastry
    • Ice cream
    • UHT milk
    • Yoghurts
    • Beverages (as an alternative for fresh liquid milk)
    • Coffee (Tea) Whitener

    Product’s advantages

    • It is a cost efficient alternative for FCMP (Full cream milk powder)
    • The product has a sweet and consistent flavor
    • It is resistant to oxidation and hydrolysis
    • There is a regular supply of these products

    Numidia offers fat filled milk powders

    • Fat 26 % – 28 % max, proteins 24% min.
    • Fat 26 % – 28 % max, proteins 8% to 20% – Instant – regular

    Standard Packaging

    25 kg multilayer paper bag with PE-lining / big bags of 1000 kg

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