Emmentaler 45+

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Emmentaler 45+

Emmental cheese has a straw yellow color and has a smooth and dry surface. Its sweet and sour taste is slightly salty. The smell of the cheese is sharp on the nose and a bit fruity. It has a firm texture, it is elastic and it is soft. The dry matter content is minimum 60%.

Emmental cheese is a hard pressed cheese widely used in the food industry and consumption. It is a refined hard cheese which is compliant with the general cheese regulation (Codex Stan 283-1978).

Product information

Emmental cheese is produced by microbiological fermentation, using thermophilic bacteria that produce lactic acid. The secondary fermentation is done by bacterium activity that produces propionic acid. After cutting, the Curd is heated at a temperature significantly higher than the coagulation temperature.

Emmental cheese production contains standardization and curdling principles. After that the curd is separated from the whey. This curd is brought into a mould and is then pressed for 5 hours. The product transforms into a homogeneous mass. This can be a so called “wheel” or “block”. The wheel or block is then soaked in a bath of brine. After two days you have a white cheese.

The next step in the production process of emmental is refining (which can take 7 to 9 weeks) and is divided in two steps:

Cold cellar fermentation (10-15°C).
Hot cellar fermentation (20-25°C).

During the last phase, carbonic gas develops the typical holes in the cheese. With cooling down the cheese the fermentation process stops.

Emmental cheese can be made in wheels (up to 100 kg each), in blocks or even in loafs. 
A packaging film is used to avoid the formation of a crust.


  • Cheese
  • Bakery, melted, grated, shredded
  • Meats, soups
  • Ready-cooked dishes

Product’s advantages

  • The product has good stretching and melting qualities
  • It has good nutritional values
  • It is easy to use and to incorporate in food production processes
  • It can increase viscosity
  • It has good browning qualities
  • It can improve texture

Numidia offers a range of emmental cheese and Bio-emmental cheese in

  • Natural ripened wheel
  • Foil ripened euroblock 15kg in cardboard box or without box

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