Demineralized Whey Powder - feed grade

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Demineralized Whey Powder – feed grade

Demineralized whey powder is obtained by removing a defined portion minerals from pasteurized whey.

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Product information

Demineralized whey, also called reduced-minerals whey, is obtained by removing a portion of the minerals from pasteurized whey. Typical levels of demineralization are 40%, 50%, 70% and 90%. Demineralized whey powder contains lactose and serum proteins with high nutritional value.

The powder is free flowing, white to yellowish, typical milk taste and smell without foreign odor.


  • In pet food
  • Pig feed
  • Ingredient for milk substitutes for calves

Product’s advantages

  • An alternative to lactose
  • Economical source of dairy solids
  • Carbohydrates source
  • Good emulsion capacity
  • Wettability

Numidia offers you

  • Demineralized whey powder 40/50%
  • Demineralized whey powder 70%
  • Demineralized whey powder 90%

Standard Packaging

25 kg multilayer paper bag with PE-lining / big bags of 1000 kg /bulk

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