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Cream is a combination of a fat-product in water. It is produced by skimming the milk. After that there is a homogenization step in order to stabilize the product. You need about 7 liters of milk in order to 1 kg of cream with a 30% fat content.

There are different types of cream:

  • Whole cream contains a minimum of 40% fat.
  • The name “cream” can only be applied whenever the product contains a minimum of 30% fat.
  • The name “light cream” can only be applied for products which contain between 12 and 29% fat.

Product information

Cream contains normally between 30 – 40% fat, 59% water and 6% nonfat elements (like proteins, lactose and minerals). It contains calcium and in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K.

The 30% and 35% fat creams may be pasteurized, UHT sterilized and can be thick or liquid.

The 30%-35% fat sterilized cream is stabilized by using carrageenan adjunction. This improves the emulsion stability during the sterilization process. It also reduces the creaming during storage and supports to get the expected texture.


  • Chocolate manufacturing
  • Bakery, Viennese Pastry and Pastry making
  • Fresh dairy products
  • Biscuit making
  • Ready-cooked dishes, soups

Product’s advantages

  • Taste and flavor enhancer
  • Texture
  • Emulsifying property
  • Whitening property
  • Browning of cooked aliments

Numidia offers a range of creams for industrial use in bulk, tank trucks

  • Bulk Cream 38 – 42% fat

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