Anhydrous Milk Fat, Butteroil and Butter Ghee

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Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF), Anhydrous Butteroil and Butter Ghee

Product information

Anhydrous milkfat and (anhydrous) butteroil are fat products made out of milk. In the production process the water and the non‑fat solids are fully removed.

Butter Ghee is a product made out of milk, butter or cream. Also here the water and non-fats are almost fully removed. The product has a specially developed taste and a specific structure.

  • Anhydrous butteroil should have at least 99.8 % milk fat and Butteroil at least 99,3%. They can be made from different aged butter or cream. Here the use of alkali is allowed. This to neutralize free fatty acids.
  • Anhydrous milk fat (AMF) should have at least 99.8 % milk fat and is made from fresh butter or cream. No additives are allowed for neutralization of free fatty acids.
  • (Butter) Ghee is pure butterfat. It is cooked longer, removing all moisture. The milk solids are caramelized and then separated. Ghee has not as much lactose as butter.


Broadly used in the food industry

Product’s advantages and benefits

  • It can be stored at Room temperature

Numidia offers you a wide range of milk fats

  • Anhydrous milk fat– solid form – in blocks 25kg –foil/cardboard box
  • Anhydrous butteroil – solid form – in blocks 25kg – foil/cardboard box
  • Butteroil – solid form – in blocks 25 kg – foil/cardboard box
  • Ghee – solid form – in block 25kg-foil/cardboard box
  • Anhydrous milk fat in liquid – drum 1.000 kg

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