Acid Whey Powder

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Acid Whey Powder

Acid whey is a by-product from soft white cheese manufacturing or acid casein production.

Product information

First step in producing Acid whey powder is drying fresh whey obtained from soft white cheese. With microbial fermentation the milk PH is lowered and it changes lactose into lactic acid. The lactose content of acid whey powder is lower than in sweet whey powder. Its acid number is higher and therefor has a more acid taste than sweet whey powder. Acidity level is around 4.5pH. And salt/ash components are around 11.0%. The lactose content is around 65%.


  • In chocolate and Confectionery
  • Meats, soups and ready-cooked dishes
  • Cheeses

Product’s advantages

  • The lactose content in acid whey powder is lower than in sweet whey powder
  • Acid whey acidity is around 4,5pH.

Numidia offers acid whey powder from cheese manufacturing or casein manufacturing.

Standard Packaging

25 kg multilayer paper bag with PE-lining / big bags of 1000 kg / bulk

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