Acid Casein

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Acid Casein

Acid Casein is a milk protein with different functional properties. Fresh whole milk is skimmed and pasteurized. Than the product gets an acidification at a pH-level of 4.6 (this is the so called isoelectric point of casein).

After that the caseins aggregate to form an acid coagulum of casein (curd). In the next step it is separated via centrifugation process of the whey. Then it is washed in order to obtain a casein which has less than 1% fat, less than 1% minerals and about 0.1% lactose. This curd (which is insoluble in water) is then ground and dried in dryer. The result is an acid casein.

Product information

Caseins are often applied for their functional and nutritional qualities in food applications.


    • Biscuits
    • Processed cheese or analogue
    • (Diet) bread
    • Dietary products
    • Healthcare products

    Product’s advantages and benefits

    • It has a very good emulsifier properties
    • It gives Texture improvement
    • It supports Water retention

    Numidia offers you

    Acid Casein, spray dried, packed in 25 kg-bags

    Standard Packaging

    25 kg multilayer paper bag with PE-lining

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